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Pigs In Lipstick
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Because a picture's worth a thousand words.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words. When I look at the campaign being run by the Republicans this year... and the people who are running it... I find that I need a bit more than a thousand words to capture the sheer level of absurdity. These are the people who want to run the country? These are the people who are promising change? The champion of deregulation is promising to fix Wall Street and telling us he regrets the necessity of the AIG bailout?

As they say dans la belle internet, O RLY?

So I've made this community for words and pictures. Bring your macros, your manips, your LOLbamas, your icons, your faux-post secrets... embedded media (comedy sketches, clips, whatever)... anything to inject a little humor and reason into the campaign season.


This is an unabashedly partisan party. We are liberal, pro-Obama, anti-McCain, anti-Palin. No, this isn't censorship. I don't own the internet and I don't own Livejournal. If somebody wants to take up for the other side, they've got plenty of room to do it in elsewhere.


1. The House Rule - My house, my rules. My moderation decisions are final. I don't anticipate making a lot of them.
2. Keep posts on topic. Every post should be some graphic or similar content that is consistent with the theme of the community.
3. Very large images (bigger than 600 pixels in either dimension) or posts with multiple images should use an lj-cut. Likewise anything that might be disturbing.
4. Politics are for everybody, so let's keep it all-ages. No Photoshopping heads onto porn pictures or the like.
5. And while we don't like Sarah Palin, let's keep in mind that she's a specific person. Blatant misogyny will not be tolerated.

Other rules to follow as needed.